A plea for Republicans

I am pleading for any Republican politician to denounce Donald Trump. You turned your backs on the man coordinating interference in our elections. You ignored when he knocked John McCain after he died. You didn't notice his feud with a 15-year-old autistic girl. You turned the other cheek when he fought with Gold-Star parents. You apparently didn't care that he sided with Putin over our own intelligence. He has politicized the Justice Department. He uses his office to punish his opponents and help his friends. He funnels money into his own businesses. He despises half of the country.

His lack of leadership and vindictiveness have led to tens of thousands of Americans dying and left us as the medical pariah of the world.

And now—knowing that Putin paid Taliban fighters to kill NATO forces, including American soldiers—he did nothing except invite Russia into the G7.

Have you no patriotism? Have you no shame? Have you no concept of right or wrong? Is there anything you are willing to draw a line on? Are you that afraid of a mean Tweet? Does your hypocrisy and spinelessness extend to not defending our own soldiers?
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