And it continues . . .

I cannot understand where the line will be drawn for Trump supporters. Is there a bar that is too low for them to go under?

Physically abusing your wives, no problem.
Trying to date teenagers when you're in your 30s. Yep.
Paying a porn star to keep her mouth shut about your affair. Okay.
Convicted of breaking the law and sentenced to jail? How about a pardon and a senate seat?

When will their morals prevail? Apparently they won't.

All hail Trump! Moral black hole, but heil Trump! Savior of the working man, but policymaker of the billionaire, Trump!

I just can't figure it out.

Today's GOP

Where is today's GOP? Forgetting for a minute that they have thrown the concept of checks and balances into the round file, here's where they now stand:

They're trying to pass a law that will essentially place all tips into the boss' hands for redistribution . . . or for stuffing in his or her own pocket.

Joe Arpaio isn't going to jail anymore for breaking the law. He's up for a U.S. Senate seat.

They are willing to throw the FBI and Justice Department under the bus if it will help draw attention away from the Obstructor in Chief.

Grand Old Party, my ass. More like the Good Old Boys' Club.
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