The bootstrap conundrum

At what point did everyone demanding others pull themselves up by their bootstraps and take responsibility in life decide that a man born to obscene wealth, who lives to play the victim card every day, would be their savior?

Hunter Biden, seriously?

If Hunter Biden is such a huge deal, why didn't the republicans investigate him while they had control of the House?

My own conspiracy theory

Okay, I'm not big on conspiracy theories, mainly because they're just that, but I'm starting to formulate my own and, if nothing else, it's entertaining me.

Given that everything Trump does benefits either himself or Putin, and given that Putin is one of the only people on the planet Trump isn't willing to criticize and given that there is only one piece of Kryptonite that would work on Trump's cult of supporters… is it possible Putin has evidence of Trump in bed with a man? It would decimate his carefully crafted image as a ladies' man, his macho persona, and would undoubtedly make a large percentage of his flock turn their heads in disgust. I'm just saying…
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