Irish Food Revolution

Irish Food Revolution

The better half (Libby) and I have grown increasingly excited about the burgeoning food scene in Ireland. You can still run across bland, unimaginative fare there; that’s certain. But the Irish are less and less willing to put up with it and there are diners all across the country throwing down their spoons and shouting, “I’m not going to take it anymore, dammit!” (Okay, but it probably has happened at least once.)

Likewise, food producers, bakers and chefs have taken up the gauntlet and are creating some really bold culinary concepts, borrowing ideas from across the globe. And they’re doing it in an unhurried style that is pure Irish. After the collapse of the Celtic Tiger, the Irish took a step back and asked themselves what they had that they could use. And what they seem to have realized is that there was a lot they were already doing right. I’m talking about small farms with animals eating what they were intended to eat, and a new appreciation for the quality food the Irish have always excelled at like hearty breads and slow cooking.

Now cities and towns across Ireland and Northern Ireland are expanding their collective palates and jumping into a new culinary scene with great abandon.

So, to make a longish story short, Libby started a website last year called and since I’ve been helping her out so much, we’re adding my name to the ingredients. We’ll be posting new recipes and collecting information on small food producers and restaurants in an attempt to highlight what we see as a future food destination.

And we hope you’ll join us.

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