Spot the difference

The men in the first picture were accused of raping a woman. The man in the second picture was accused of attempted rape of a woman. Trump called for the death penalty for the men in the first picture. They were later proven to be not guilty. The other case is ongoing. Trump wants him on the Supreme Court. Can you spot the difference?

NY Post picture

Boston Herald picture

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's accusations

Does anyone truly believe a woman would make up a sexual assault scenario wherein a friend of the accused is the only eye witness? If she were fabricating the story, the only logical course would be to say they were alone during the assault so no one could dispute it. And is she sure it was him? "One hundred percent."

Polygraph tested. A history of discussing the assault years before Kavanaugh was nominated. And let's not forget that there are other accusers. Her account has truth written all over it.

Let's put both Kavanaugh and Mark Judge on a polygraph and see how they do.
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