Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

We have broken out of the Covid shell and booked our first international trip in three years. In October, we're off to wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen. Never been to Denmark and nowadays, never having been there is the greatest reason for me to want to visit.

Tivoli Gardens will be closed as work is being done between seasons, but otherwise, things are looking good. Any suggestions? I'd love to hear it.


We are heading out for our first flight since the beginning of the pandemic. We're really excited, although admittedly nervous about running into idiots in the airport or on the flight. We're vaccinated, but you can't protect against dummy. Heading out to see some friends from college and stay with her father for a few days. Masks inside! Can't wait. It's been years since I was in that part of the country and I miss it. Red or green sauce? Both, please.
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