The republicans seem to be saying that the Mueller Report exonerated Trump, when it did the exact opposite. It basically said if he weren't president, he would have been charged with ten counts of obstruction of justice. And those are separate felonies from the ones he skirted in New York because, as president, he was not indictable, the ones his attorney is in prison for.

And they seem to think that all investigations should now stop. Let's be clear, the democrats got control of the House earlier this year. They haven't had any investigations yet. This hasn't been overdone. It hasn't even been started. The republicans refused to provide any checks and balances on Trump, so voters put the democrats in to do it. Right now, the Trump administration is stonewalling—not investigations that have been done a hundred times—but investigations that are under way for the first time. The democrats are trying to fulfill their constitutional obligation of putting checks on the executive branch, something the republicans failed spectacularly at while holding the reins of the house.

We left Britain partially because we didn't want a king. Some of us still don't want one.
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