Could they stop calling Gorsuch an accomplishment?

Okay, I know that to some people winning is everything. As long as you ended up with the prize, who really cares how you got there? And Neil Gorsuch is definitely a score for the Republicans in that he can ensure that the Supreme Court will lean conservative for quite some time. But I’d hardly refer to it as an accomplishment and I wish the media would stop calling it one. I mean, I could win the Tour de France if there was no one else in it and they changed the rules so that I only needed to ride down the Champs-Élysées (and someone bought me a ticket to France . . . and a bike).

How did it become a big accomplishment to fill a position gifted to you on your first day in office—through an unprecedented theft of a vacancy—by having your team change the rules? They could have stuck an educated, but conservative banana in there and had the same result. Would these republicans teach their kids that it’s better to win by cheating than it is to lose fairly? Because that’s what has happened.

The Democrats have won the popular vote for six of the past seven presidential elections, and the sole win for the Republicans was W’s second term in office, following up on the attacks of 9-11 and during a war (started with the wrong country with cooked up intel). It would seem to indicate that the country as a whole is trending liberal. But with aging liberal and moderate justices and a stolen seat, it’s possible we’ll end up with the most conservative Supreme Court in decades.

How the times have changed. After Scalia died last year, pundits were saying we were going to have the most liberal court in decades. And based on the popular vote, that would seem to be what the people want. But why play by the rules when winning is so much better? Bully for the Republicans. They got the prize. With Trump now as their moral compass, I can’t wait to see what their kids will be willing to overlook.

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