A thought for Trump voters...

This is as succinct as I can get: If the Nazis are on your side, you're on the wrong side. And let me be clear, the Nazis are on your side.

Just a thought . . .

Maybe it's not a deep state conspiracy. Maybe it's not the Mueller witch hunt, the cabal of fake news outlets, the politically motivated scientists, the corrupt FBI, CIA and Department of Justice. Maybe it's not 19 women making up accusations or the broken politicians trying to cling onto their power while Trump is cleaning house of corruption. Maybe it's not the Hollywood elite who want the country to fail or traitorous Harley Davidson or the Mexicans. Maybe it's not federal judges or Obama or the MeToo movement or somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds or China. Maybe it's not Canada, France, Germany, NATO or a flipping disloyal attorney. Maybe it's not the DNC or Loretta Lynch or Jeff Sessions or kneeling football players. Maybe it's not every single entity that doesn't kiss Donald Trump's butt.

Maybe it's just Donald Trump.

What motivates Trump?

I've narrowed down Trump's motivations to three key elements:

1. Does it help him? Does it fire up his base? Will it add to his power or wealth, make him look stronger, or provide him bragging rights?
2. Does it hurt Obama's legacy? I am a believer that Trump put Obama at the top of his vendetta list after the former president slagged him during a White House Correspondents' Dinner, and Trump is now out to destroy Obama's legacy. If Obama was for it, Trump will try to obliterate it.
3. Does it help people in his social class? Will it benefit wealthy people and/or business owners?
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