On Harley Davidsons and Trump's hypocrisy

I see Trump has knocked Harley Davidson for moving some production to Europe after tariffs he instated were going to affect their sales.

Maybe someone needs to remind the public that most of Donald Trump's merchandise is made in other countries.

This about sums it up for me

Phone users scroll across to see both photos.


Stop with the praise

I'm pretty tired of hearing how Trump is a master nickname creator. It's a technique used by sixth grade bullies. Congratulation to the man for being on an intellectual par with 11-year-olds (and not the smart ones). Maybe he's good at it because he's been polishing his technique for 60 years, whereas most people start drawing down their use of name-calling after they graduate middle school. I suppose if he worked on his video game skills and learned how to ride a bike, he could complete the sixth-grade trifecta.

The media also praises him for his ability to "control the conversation." I'd like to point out how ridiculously easy that is when your base thrives off of dog whistles. All he does is change the subject to patriotism, law and order, freedom, the sanctity of life, one man and one woman, the second amendment or any other of a handful of red-meat clichés and his job is done. His cult of followers gets riled and the conversation is apparently controlled.

And while I'm on the subject, the protesting football players were kneeling. That's what you do when praying. On what planet is that discourteous? I can't think of a way they could protest more respectfully.
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