What took you so long?

We all knew it was coming. Every time we went to the grocery store and saw jerks without masks. Every time we walked by a bar that was packed inside with no one socially distancing themselves and nobody wearing masks. Every time we watched a Trump super spreader event. Obviously a virus that doesn't care what side of the political spectrum you're on, that doesn't care if you're related, is going to infect the people who don't take precautions. I'm kind of surprised it took so long.

Now he's in the hospital and I'm seeing right wingers suggest that maybe "the libs" infected him through his microphone at the debate. Or that Biden should suspend his campaign to allow Trump some recovery time, as if Trump would have done that for Biden.

Trump dismantled the Pandemic Response Team in China, the one that Obama put there specifically to try to head off this kind of outbreak. He threw out the pandemic playbook Obama left him for how to deal with these things. States were pitted against each other for PPE, driving the prices up. He got rid of scientists who didn't tow the line on his baloney. He downplayed the virus, its dangers and transmissibility. He mocked people wearing masks, and his supporters listened. He held super spreader events with people packed together, very few of them wearing masks.

My only question for the virus is, what took you so long?
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